KEISER :: Norwegische Black Metaller mit 1. Single vom neuen Album

Die norwegischen Black Metaller KEISER haben einen Vertrag bei Non Serviam Records unterzeichnet, wo am 27. November ihr neues Album “Our Wretched Demise” veröffentlicht wird. Daraus gibt es nun die erste Single zu hören.

KEISER states: “We are extremely happy and proud to present our new single: ‘Scourge of the Wicked’. It’s fast, aggressive and dynamic and it’s no coincidence that we have chosen this as our first single. It is also the opening track on ‘Our Wretched Demise’. The song deals with propaganda as a weapon in war, illustrated by the relentless lyrics. We feel that this song displays our growth as a band, and that it’s a great first introduction to our new album.”