IGORRR :: Neues Album der Experimental Metaller im Fullstream

„Spirituality And Distortion“, das neueste Angebot der französischen Experimental-Metal-Band IGORRR, ist jetzt erhältlich und wird im Fullstream über METAL BLADE RECORDS auf dem YouTube-Kanal des Labels ausgestrahlt

Igorrr’s Gautier Serre comments:
„I’m happy and proud to finally be able to share with you that piece of music which is Spirituality and Distortion, that has been in the making for a way more time than you may think. I hope you’ll receive this album as the soundtrack of the apocalypse, as it seems to be it. We have been sharing 3 tracks of the album already, first one was Very Noise, then Parpaing and one week ago, we’ve been sharing Camel Dancefloor.
Please, keep in mind that those were only parts of a whole piece, and I created this album having in mind the whole piece of music, if you want to have a real opinion on the album, please listen to the whole album, it has been build to be listened this way.“