HEIDEVOLK :: Akustischer Titeltrack des neuen Albums

Nach ihrem letzten Werk „Vuur Van Verzet“ (2015) veröffentlicht die niederländische agan-Folk-Metal HEIDEVOLK am 24. Februar 2023 ihr siebtes Studio-Meisterwerk „Wederkeer“ über Napalm Records.

Nach den bereits veröffentlichten ersten Album-Singles „Klauwen Vooruit“ und „Drink met de Goden (Walhalla)“ haben HEIDEVOLK heute ein brandneues Musikvideo zum epischen, akustischen Titeltrack des Albums veröffentlicht.

The band comments:
„Today we proudly present our third music video from WEDERKEER!
The titletrack „Wederkeer“ is a powerful acoustic anthem about inner strength, pride and beliefs. In the video we witness a young woman wandering through the cold dark forest. She is lost yet something inside her fuels her quest and tells her to persist. Suddenly a luring hymn draws her to the scene of glimmering flares of a fire through the trees, and shadows of men singing a pure and uncompromising anthem. When she eventually enters the circle of light, the scene she thought she witnessed has disappeared, as if it was never there…
With the release of our new album drawing near this raw acoustic track gives you yet another glimpse of what is coming your way. Join us, for the Pagan Metal Brotherhood is on the rise!“