HAAVARD :: Neues „Ulver-like“ Album im Fullstream

Håvard Jørgensens hochgelobtes neues Album „Haavard“, das in vielerlei Hinsicht der einzig legitime Nachfolger von ULVERs zweiten Album „Kveldssanger“ (1996) ist, erscheint heute, am 11. November 2022. Das Album wurde zum Releas im Fullstream auf YouTube veröffentlicht.

HAAVARD comments: „This album has been a long time coming“, the guitarist notes. „I have had these songs in me for what seems like an aeon by now. It is hard to find words to describe accurately just how much it means to me to finally get this music out and into the world. As a personal recommendation, I’d like to suggest for you to put on a good pair of headphones and let this album be your soundtrack the next time that you hike or walk in nature.“