HAAVARD :: 1. Single zum neuen Album

HAAVARD ist das akustische Projekt von Mastermind und einzigem Mitglieds Håvard Jørgensen alias Lemarchand, der bereits für ULVER und SATYRICON aktiv war. Nun wurde der Eröffnungstrack ‚Printemps‘ („Spring“) als erste Single aus dem kommenden, selbstbetitelten Debütalbum „Haavard“ des Norwegers veröffentlicht, das am 11. November bei Prophecy Productions erscheinen soll.

HAAVARD comment: „The first single ‚Printemps‘, is a song about birth and rebirth“, the guitarist and singer explains. „This is quite fitting as it also represents the first notes that you are hearing from me after a long silence. This track will give you a fair idea of what my new album is about as it stands for everything that this musical project means to me. There are movements at the break of dawn in it, and the song is also a musical portrait of spring, when life is blooming lush and recklessly. The cycle of eternal growth begins anew and with it comes the sadness about its inevitable demise. What has happened before be happening again.“