GRIMNER :: Erste Single aus kommendem Album der Viking Band

Die schwedische Viking Band GRIMNER ist zurück mit ihrer ersten Single „Västerled“ aus dem kommenden Album „Urfader“, das im Laufe des Jahres bei Despotz Records veröffentlicht werden soll. /

Info: „‚Västerled‘ is Grimner’s new single being part of their upcoming album Urfader. This heavy folk metal song gives you a ride of joy, party and drama. As always, Grimner continues to sing in their native language Swedish giving that extra touch to their unique sounds.
Grimner is back, big time. This single release gives very promising feelings regarding their upcoming fourth album Urfader.
„We are happy to share VÄSTERLED with the world. We put a lot of effort into this song and think it gives a good representation of the new Grimner sound.“
„We had a very good time recording the music video in the beautiful longhouse of Ale Vikingagård in Sweden, which added an authentic atmosphere. We gathered a lot of vikings and a few monks at the scene to illustrate what the lyrics are all about.“
Grimner returns with fire and power. Their roots and influences of Swedish death metal and their love of heavy and power metal is weaved together with enchanting folk melodies and pagan choirs to create their own unique sound once again – all sung in their native Swedish, as always.