GREEN CARNATION :: Neue Akustik-Single „Time in a Bottle“

Zur den angekündigten Akustik-Tourdaten veröffentlicht die norwegische Progressive-Band GREEN CARNATION jetzt die Akustik-Performance des Jim Croce-Songs „Time in a Bottle“ auf allen digitalen Plattformen:

Das Video zum Track wurde im Juni 2022 aufgenommen und kann über den Season of Mist YouTube Kanal angesehen werden.

Vocalist Kjetil Nordhus comments: „‚Time in a Bottle‘ is a song that came into our sphere when checking out songs that could be included on The Acoustic Verses Tour 2022. We all fell for it instantly, and while trying to honour the original version, it has been important to us to try and put a Green Carnation stamp on it. The song is recorded live-in-studio, and we hope our fans will enjoy this little teaser of what to expect during the upcoming tour.“

02 Sep 22 Vennesla (NO) Vennesla Kulturhus
03 Sep 22 Oslo  (NO) Oslo Konserthus
06 Sep 22 Hamburg (DE) Noctspeicher
07 Sep 22 Copenhagen (DK) Hotel Cecil
08 Sep 22 Stockholm (SE) Södra Teatern
09 Sep 22 Helsinki (FI) Ääniwalli
23 Sep 22 Kristiansand (NO) Kilden teater og kulturhus