GATES OF DOOM :: Neuer Videoclip

Die Epic Blackend Death Metaller GATES OF DOOM haben zu ihrem Track „The Galenus Plague“ ein Video veröffentlicht. Der Song stammt vom kommenden Album „Aquileia Mater Aeterna“, das am 6. Januar bei Cult Of Parthenope distribution erscheinen wird.

Gates Of Doom commented :
„When we finished filming in 2019 we certainly didn’t expect a twist of fate would make the themes of the clip so fitting these days. The song takes us back to the II century AD, at the end of the military campaign against the Parthians. The Romans, while victorious, brought back home a terrible illness that would ravage the Empire for twenty years. Historians call this the Antonian plague, or Galenus plague, from the greek medic that first studied the illness at the Emperors‘ request. Aquileia was struck by it between 168 and 169 AD as well, but not even a plague and several sieges by some germanic tribes could subdue the city.“