FATAL EMBRACE :: Neues Lyric-Video


Die schwedischen Blackened Death Metal Veteranen FATAL EMBRACE werden am 24. März ihr brandneues Album „Manifestum Infernalis“ über Black Lion Records veröffentlichen. „Manifestum Infernalis“ ist das lang erwartete erste neue Werk der Band seit 1997. Nach der Veröffentlichung der ersten beiden Singles „Empyreal Doom“ und „The Black Oath“ legen FATAL EMBRACE nun mit einem brandneuen Lyric-Video zum Track „The Rot“ nach.

Fatal Embrace comments:
„The Rot is our third single from our upcoming album Manifestum Infernalis. It was written late in the process but quickly became a band favorite on the album. It has a storytelling quality to it and the lyrics has quite a story to tell as well. It has those qualities that have become our call sign. Frantic parts blended with melodic passages all blended together in darkness to set the mood just right. By now our stand on faith based decision making and collective delusional thinking should be quite clear. This is the death of christianity. This is The Rot. A manifesto all on its own.“