FALLEN ARISE :: Erste Video-Single der griechischen Symphonic Metaller

„Reborn“ ist der erste Track vom kommenden Album der griechischen Symphonic Metaller FALLEN ARISE. Ihr neues Album „Enigma“ erscheint am 10.04.2020 via ROAR! / Soulfood.

FALLEN ARISE kommentieren den Song: „Analyzing the song „Reborn“ musically, we can definitely see the band’s new direction, as composition and sound. The aesthetic here is different and the symphonic sound’s elements are turned down, giving a bigger space to the heavy element and pop aesthetic that now becomes a basic element of the band’s music. The same we can say for the lyrics. They talk about this change of direction, the rebirth that people seek to end and start to walk on new ways, with a new purpose and target.“