EX DEO :: Neue Single kündigt neues Album an

Am 27. August erscheint mit „The Thirteen Years Of Nero“ das neue Album der Symphonic Death Formation EX DEO um KATAKLYSM Frontmann Maurizio Iacono via Napalm Records. Als erste Single daraus wurde der Track „Imperator“ mit einem cineastischen Video veröffentlicht.

Frontman Maurizio Iacono says about “Imperator”:
“We wanted to release a heavy hitting first single and there was no doubt that “Imperator” in all of its grandiose aura and power was the choice. On the album, the song introduces Nero as the new Emperor of Rome. For the video, we used acclaimed video director Scott Hansen and together we recreated a dinner party in true Nero style like you never seen before, you have been warned!”