(EchO) :: Doom Metaller mit neuem Musikvideo zu „Wanderer“

Die italienische Doom-Metal-Band (EchO) hat die zweite Single aus ihrem kommenden Album „Witnesses“ veröffentlicht, das am 25. November auf Black Lion Records erscheinen wird. „Wanderer“ kommt zusammen mit einem brandneuen Musikvideo und Don Zaros von EVOKEN an den Tasten.

Vocalist Fabio Urietti comments:
„Like many others, I suffered loneliness in the last two years, but here’s a different matter. As we have not been able to process what was taking place in our lives, we were not given any possibilities to be able to start again. The individual, in a rudderless world, fells even more alone. No space for weakness, no space for recovery. To lead exclusively by rage and inner forces, each one of us has done his journey.“