DÖDSRIT :: Neuer Track vom kommenden Album

Die Schwedischen Atmospheric Black Metaller DÖDSRIT veröffentlichen die zweite Single „Apathetic Tongues“ aus ihrem kommenden Album ‚Mortal Coil‘. /

Info: „Out from a concept of misery and suffering, our feeble and dying world is the subject of a new hymn to its demise. ‚Mortal Coil‘ is Dödsrit’s third full-length, featured on a yet short career though wholly filled with soul drenching moments. Featuring four tracks, Dödsrit’s ‚Mortal Coil‘ hails the smothering ashes of purgatory’s flames by forging a wall of soul tearing riffing, blistering belligerence conjoining melody with aggression, a genuine blaze of cacophony and heart wrenching melancholy.“