DIAMORTE :: Neue Single der Theatrical Metal Opera Band

Zu ihrer neuen, düsteren Single „Where The Light Grows Cold“ haben die Theatrical Metal Opera Band DIAMORTE ein (Lyric-)Video veröffentlicht.

„DiAmorte is a Theatrical Metal Production with operatic and live visual elements, presenting the stories of the albums as a live experience.“

Drake Mefestta talking about the new single, „We can’t wait for you to hear this absolute BEHEMOTH of a track featuring the Budapest Scoring Orchestra and the international cast of DiAmorte. Trust us when we say you’ve never heard something quite like this before, and that’s a promise.“

DiAmorte is
Drake Mefestta – Lacroix, Guttural Vocalist
James Dorton – Dorian, Guttural/Bass Vocalist (Black Crown Initiate)
Colin Parks – Majin, The Betrayer, Baritone Vocalist (Devilment/Ghosts of Atlantis)
Mordian – Fayte, Alto Vocalist
Rachl Quinn – Cordelia, High Soprano Vocalist (Graveshadow)
Drew Hurst – Guitars

Featured Artists
Budapest Scoring – Live Orchestra and Choir Performance
James Stewart – Drums (Decapitated)
Mike LePond – Bass (Symphony X)
James Stephenson – Guitars (Stymphalian Productions)
Jon Phipps – Pre-Production/Sound Design (Dragonforce/Amorphis)
Spencer Creaghan – Virtual Orchestration
Markus Johansson – Written Guitars