DEFACING GOD :: Dänische Extrem Melodeather mit 2. Single

Die Extrem Melodic Death Metaller DEFACING GOD veröffentlichen ihr Debütalbum „The Resurrection Of Lilith“ am 2. September über Napalm Records. Die zweite Single mit dem Titel „The End Of Times“ ist jetzt erschienen.

Info: „Mit ihren konzeptionellen Themen konzentriert sich die dänische Band auf die Dunkelheit, die in uns allen schlummert – verwurzelt in Okkultismus und Hexerei, vor allem aber in der mythologisch mysteriösen weiblichen Dämonin Lilith und ihren Geschichten von glühendem Widerstand und Ausdauer.“

DEFACING GOD on “The End Of Times”:
“The term ‘End Of times’ relates to the era that precedes the termination of life on earth, with different man-made religions interpreting the events and time of its occurrence. The end of times marks the moment of divine retribution where the world will receive its grand judgement, widely referred as the Apocalypse. In our attempt on creating the sound and the visuals of the Apocalypse, the world is seen through the eyes of Lilith. The lyrics say, ‘This is the end of times; the cosmic energy has brought. Omniscience balance, the ascension has begun’.

We can ´t control the power of nature and cosmic events as we are simple mortal beings. Not only are we threatened by the force of nature beyond our control, but we are also threatened by our own flesh and blood. The urge of materialism, authority, power, status, and money, which can all lead to wars, oppression, pain, and sorrow. The song refers to the spiritual aspects and realities that are supposed to be hidden behind humanity’s material world and the evil of the spiritual world, but in fact it alludes to the man-made horrors of war, greed, oppression, mass consumption, the lack of integrity, and our self-made road to destruction which will eventually lead to the end of humanity. If we were to be asked, ‘What would the Apocalypse sound like?’, then this is it. As the lyrics also state, ‘Passengers on the death train, welcome everybody – time to climb onboard!’”