DEATHWHITE :: 1. Track aus 3. Album

Die Dark Metal Band DEATHWHITE veröffentlicht den ersten Track „Earthtomb“ ihres kommenden dritten Albums „Grey Everlasting“. Das Album wird voraussichtlich am 10. Juni 2022 über Season of Mist veröffentlicht.

DEATHWHITE comment: „It is our abundant pleasure to share the video for ‘Earthtomb,’ the first single from Grey Everlasting. The immaculate Guilherme Henriques shot the clip in Aceredo, Spain and Porto, Portugal. Unfortunately, the song and video are a rather timely and direct reflection of the times we live when unchecked power, deception, gas-lighting and flat-out lies are used as tools to wreak havoc upon humanity and sow discord. ‘Earthtomb’ was written as our observation — and inherent wish — that these individuals succumb to their misdeeds. What is happening in Ukraine at the moment has, for the members of Deathwhite, made this song more prescient than ever. Our hearts go out to those impacted by this utter tragedy.“