DEADLY CARNAGE :: Neue EP zum 10-jährigen

Die Italiener DEADLY CARNAGE (Post-Black/Doom) arbeiten an einer neuen EP. Als 7″“ Vinyl mit Bonus CD limitiert erhältlich, will die Band ihr 10-jähriges feiern, welches exakt am 21.12.2015 fixiert ist. Dann erscheint auch die EP.

„Since 2010 we are planning to record an EP, but since now it has never audited the right pretext, the right motivation; now we are going to reach an important milestone and we feel that the time is ripe to record a 7″ with new songs, for those who have always supported our music in this long journey lasted ten years. Do not expect a nostalgic look at the past, it does not represent what we are; we celebrate the time, but we look forward as always. This EP is a small preview of the sound of the next album we’re working on since long time. As always, expect the unexpected!“