DEAD END FINLAND :: Neuer Track „Northern Winds“

Die finnische Dark Melodic Metal Band DEAD END FINLAND hat eine neue Single und das Musikvideo „Northern Winds“ veröffentlicht. Der Track stammt aus dem kommenden fünften Studioalbum, das noch in diesem Jahr von Inverse Records erscheinen wird.

Guitarist & Bass player Santtu Rosén comment:
„One of the strengths of Dead End Finland has always been the ability to turn a difficult situation into a resource. So when the corona storm was raging, we decided to throw ourselves into the wind and draw strength from it.

During the darkening evenings of autumn, we wrote more material and soon we were in a situation where making a full length album was a better option than the originally planned EP.

„Northern Winds“ is the opening track of the upcoming album and it tells the story of a situation where an individual has to face an impending threat and follow his instincts in order to survive.“