DARK FORTRESS :: 2. Track vom nächsten Album / Tour im März

Die Black Metaller DARK FORTRESS kehren am 28. Februar 2020 mit dem neuen Album „Spectres from the Old World“ zurück. Mit „Isa“ gibt es nun den zweiten Song aus dem Album zu hören:

Guitarist V. Santura about the track: „We are proud to present ‚Isa‘, a monolithic song inspired by Arctic Icescapes. The first single we released on December 20th, ‚Pulling at Threads‘, is definitely one of the fastest and shortest songs taken from ‚Spectres from the Old World‘. With ‚Isa‘ we are putting out a different, opposite aspect: ‚Isa‘ is the longest track on the album and probably also one of the heaviest and most epic songs in our discography thus far.“ /

26.03.20 (DE) München – Feierwerk
27.03.20 (CH) Wetzikon – Hall Of Fame
28.03.20 (DE) Bochum – Matrix
29.03.20 (NL) Rotterdam – Baroeg