CRUACHAN :: Neues Video zu „The Blacksmith“

Die Irish Folk-Metal Pioniere CRUACHAN veröffentlichen ihre neue Single „The Blacksmith“, die einer von mehreren Beiträgen war, die an den staatlichen irischen Fernsehsender geschickt wurden, in der Hoffnung, ihr Land beim Eurovision Song Contest 2023 vertreten zu dürfen. Der Song, welcher eigentlich auf dem letzten Album (24.03.2023) hätte sein sollen, wurde für den ESC zurückgehalten.

Quote from Keith Fay on ‚The Blacksmith‘:
„In 2022 we decided to submit a song to Ireland’s state broadcaster, Raidió Teilifís Éireann, for consideration to represent Ireland in the 2023 Eurovision song competition. We believed we had a great chance and when we made the announcement, Irish (and world) media jumped on the news. Suddenly we were being interviewed on major Irish radio stations, news articles all over the world. People agreed with our statement that it’s time for Ireland to submit something different to the standard pop that has constantly been so underwhelming at the competition. The song, The Blacksmith, captures the essence of Irish folk wrapped in a metal shell. You can hear Horslips and Thin Lizzy in this song, surely it was time to bring Irish folk music back into Eurovision? Sadly, that was not the case. Although we made it into the last ten, only six were chosen to go to the televised public vote, we were not part of that six. Well, now with the release of The Blacksmith, the public can decide for themselves – should this have been Ireland’s song for Eurovision 2023?“