CHRISTIAN DEATH :: Wieder-VÖ von 1985er EP als LP+CD

Die Gothic-Death-Pioniere CHRISTIAN DEATH werden ihre lange vergriffene 1985er EP ‚The Wind Kissed Pictures‘ am 19. November 2021 über Season of Mist neu auflegen. Dies wird das erste Mal seit 30 Jahren sein, dass sie auf Vinyl erhältlich sein wird.

The endeavour features the vocal debut of Valor Kand, and marked the start of a new era for the revolutionary band. This expanded edition includes the companion ‚Lacrima Christi‘ 7″ feat. the track in both its English & Italian versions, as well as three additional tracks from that era. ‘The Wind Kissed Pictures’ was way ahead of its time, and it further proves that the bulk of modern dark music still exists under the shadow of their influence.

Moreover, the band has previously revealed the special, limited edition ‚The Dark Age Renaissance‘ CD collections for Part 3 and 4!

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