BREATHLESS :: A music short horror movie inspired by Charles Baudelaire & Silent Hill


„A woman awakes in the heart of the night, she just had a nightmare. She’s experiencing psychotic crisis, due to a nervous breakdown. We don’t know whether she’s talking about her first therapy session, still caught in the trauma; or this happens months later, after she’s got better thanks to medical treatment and medicines. We don’t even know whether she’s really talking to a therapist; reminding to herself her doctor’s words, inviting her to take deep breaths; or having a whole schizophrenical dialogue between a patient-self and a therapist-self. A poem by Charles Baudelaire from his „Les Fleurs du Mal“ is quoted (Correspondances).“

Artist: Deuxvolt
Soundtrack: Breathless
Album: Union Of Opposites (2012)
Genre: industrial gothic dance
Release date: April 2012 on deuxvolt website
Produced by: