BEFORE THE DAWN :: Neue Single kurz vor Album-Release

Die finnische Melodic Death Metal Band BEFORE THE DAWN um Tuomas Saukkonen (Wolfheart) veröffentlicht ihre dritte neue Single „The Dark“, zusammen mit einem offiziellen Musikvideo. Das Comeback-Album der Band, „Stormbringers“, erscheint diesen Freitag, den 30. Juni 2023 über Napalm Records.

BEFORE THE DAWN on “The Dark”:
„’The Dark’ is the 3rd single from the new album and stands sturdy behind the title and is the most melancholic and melodic song from the whole album. Besides carrying a deep ‚autumn mood‘ it also has all the main features of a classic BTD song. Heavy guitars, heart stabbing guitar melodies, thunderous bass drums and vocals that hits like a storm. The video footage is taken from the comeback show in Lahti, Finland on May 19, 2023. Since it will surely have a very special place in our hearts we wanted make some of that feeling and mood to live forever in a form of a video.“