AUTUMNBLAZE :: Deal mit Argonauta Records für’s 7. Album

Das 1997 gegründete deutsche Dark Melancholic Rock/Metal Duo AUTUMNBLAZE hat einen weltweiten Deal mit Argonauta Records unterzeichnet, um ihr siebtes Album herauszubringen.

After two years in the making, the band’s brand new album „WELKIN SHORES BURNING“ will be released by the Italian powerhouse label Argonauta Records soon. Label owner, Gero Lucisano, comments: „I’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to AUTUMNBLAZE by Niklas Sundin, as we are working together with his solo project MITOCHONDIRAL SUN. Very briefly then I got the chance to exchange various opinions and thoughts with AUTUMNBLAZE founding member Markus, who sent me a preview of the new album. Though ARGONAUTA is mostly known to be a stoner/post metal label in all of their forms, I’m used to expand my territories when the albums deeply touch me. I found Autumnblaze new work very ethereal though with its own particular strength, a lot visionary and at some point „psychedelic“. Very unique in its way. And we are all very excited to have inked a deal not just for this one, yet also for a second album to come.“

While many news and album tunes will be following in the weeks ahead, drummer Arisjel already shares some details: „The new record is a result of love of music, friendship, personal tragedies, salvation and in the end also the certainty that nothing could save us except music“. Markus continues: „With Argonauta Records we found a passionate and dedicated record company, that is convinced of our idea to create music for dreaming and reflective souls, music which resonates deep inside open-minded hearts. Our way was always different from others.“