AUTUMN STAY :: Neues Video der Gothic/Industrial Metaller

Die Gothic/Industrial Metal Band AUTUMN STAY aus Texas hat kürzlich ihr neues Video zur Single „Closer To The Edge“ veröffentlicht. Textlich taucht der Song in die dunkle Seite des Künstlerdaseins ein und wie oft Künstler sich selbst an den Rand des Wahnsinns treiben.

„Working with the creative team of Autumn Stay and producer Kevin Gutierrez, was an absolute blast. They came up with a story about the singer being haunted and or pursued, with a unique twist ending.
I tried to dramatically light the shots to not only give a classic dark aesthetic to it. But we also had a really cool location, this old church. So I wanted to capture some kind of dark beauty as well, especially with the deep red tones and lighting, I was able to add a frantic feel with some creative editing and color correction themes.“ – Erik Gustafson (Erik Gustafson Cinematography)