ANTIGONE’S FATE :: Album im Fullstream

Am 29. Januar ist bei Northern Silence Productions das neue, das 3. Album der Atmospheric/Melancholic Black Metal Band ANTIGONE’S FATE erschienen. Das 42-minütige Werk „Fragemente“ könnt ihr euch bei Black Metal Promotion in voller Länge anhören.
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Info: ANTIGONE’S FATE was founded in 2015 as a sideproject at first. Ruun started it because the songs that have been written in a very sinister episode were quite too dark for the band they were supposed to be released with.

There weren’t any plans to release those songs in a professional way until life striked again. Within two weeks he entirely wrote all songs for ANTIGONE’S FATEs debut „Insomnia“ and recorded them afterwards in another two weeks to channel his experiences. At the same time there were still many fragments, ideas and even complete songs left that have been created over the years.

While „Insomnia“ was just the beginning of road, the real voyage consists of different single chapters. „Zum Horizont…“ is where the anguishing journey gained momentum – til‘ finally „Fragmente“ closes the circle.