AEPHANEMER :: Neues Lyric-Video kurz vor Album-Release

Die Symphonic Melodic Death Metaller AEPHANEMER haben ein neues Lyric-Video zum Track „Le Radeau de La Méduse“ veröffentlicht. Das neue Album „A Dream Of Wilderness“ erscheint am 19. November bei Napalm Records.

Info: Recorded in both, English and as a French bonus version, „Le Radeau de La Méduse“ is a heavy power and razor- sharp death metal anthem you can’t help but to headbang as fast and heavy you can. „This song is named after the famous French painting, and it tells the story of the same French historical event,“ says guitarist Martin Hamiche. „For this reason, we decided to release a version of the song with French lyrics as a bonus. We hope you’ll enjoy both versions!“