616 :: Love Metal Track á la H.I.M.

Die kalifornischen Goth Metaller 616 haben zu „Cinderella Valentine“ ein neues Video veröffentlicht. Die Band aus L.A. wurde durch die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Profi-Skateboarder und Musikerkollegen Bam Margera, dem Schlagzeuger Gas Lipstick von HIM/Flat Earth und dem Multi-Platin-Produzenten John Fryer (NIN/Stabbing Westward) unterstützt.

Frontmann Matthew Lidwin: “Before I started writing music I was really into skateboarding and Bam Margera was my idol on the board (he still is). He was the very reason I ended up making music and he is now a dear friend. Through Bam I heard the band HIM for the very first time and instantly I fell in love with them. ‘Cinderella Valentine’ is my favorite song I’ve written to date. It’s about dealing with loss of a loved one who was just there calling you the day before and the next day they are gone and how that puts life into a whole different perspective. So I picked up the guitar and note pad and wrote the song in 15 minutes. Then I recorded it and it just hit harder than anything I’ve done previously. Then I pitched the song off with the idea to get my idols on it. I sent the song to Bam who agreed to sing the chorus and I sent it to Gas and Gas loved it and agreed to do the drums. Boom! I was f*king speechless. I feel like a lot of people are gonna relate to this song in a very special way and I’m doing my best to Keep LoveMetal and Gothrock Alive!”