1476 :: Letzte Single vor Albumrelease

Die Okkult Rocker 1476 haben einen Videoclip für den Track „Jade Fire: A Paragon“ online gestellt, der letzten Singleauskopplung aus dem kommenden Album „In Exile“, das am 7. Juli 2023 bei Prophecy Productions erscheinen soll.

1476 comment: „The track ‚Jade Fire: A Paragon‘ is one of the songs that I’m most emotionally connected to on the album“, singer and multi-instrumentalist Robb Kavjian tells. „I’ve never felt like I belonged in this world and that’s something that I’ve wrestled with my entire life. This song is about letting go of that struggle and embracing my individualism – finding peace by going deeper into it instead of making it a source of anxiety and loneliness. Choosing the wilderness instead of the world. A self-imposed exile. This was very much inspired by parts of the Arthurian legend. We shot the video on film with a Super 8 camera, because I love the look of film and I wanted to do it in an authentic way. As with many aspects of ‚In Exile‘, this choice was a way of separating ourselves from the modern world and embracing our outsider qualities instead of compromising them.“