(0) :: Debütalbum der Prog Black Metaller im April bei Napalm

Die dänische Progressive Black Metal Band (0) wird am 24. April bei Napalm Records ihr Debüt „SkamHan“ veröffentlichen. Den Opener „Tyndere End Hud“ gibt es nun vorab zu hören.

Bandkommentar: „We’re happy to release the first single from our upcoming album SkamHan, which will be released on April 24th. The lyrics are based on the poem Tyndere end Hud (Thinner than Skin). The theme is broken and fragmented relations due to inner conflicts and difference in hopes and dreams. This is our first single on Napalm Records and we’re thrilled to continue to bring music to our fans and hopefully gain new excited listeners. Enjoy! (0)“