WINDIR :: Discografie auf Vinyl und Kassette vorbestellbar

Nach der überwältigenden Resonanz auf WINDIRs „The Sognametal Legacy“-Box ist nun die gesamte Diskografie der norwegischen Black Metal-Band auf schwarzen und verschiedenfarbigen Vinyls und Tapes vorbestellbar. Das auf 1.184 Exemplare limitierte Boxset war innerhalb weniger Stunden ausverkauft.

Vorbestellungen sind ab sofort möglich und im Season of Mist Shop HIER erhältlich. Das Veröffentlichungsdatum ist auf den 28. Mai 2021 festgelegt.

Jarle Hváll Kvåle, bass guitarist and songwriter of VREID and WINDIR, comments on the release: “I am so happy that we are finally able to do this. There has been such a huge demand to release these albums on vinyl and I really have been looking forward to this day. These records are important cornerstones in our lives and represent a time that was very special to us. It is great to have a strong partner on board, and I am very proud that we can do this together with Season of Mist. 

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of ‚1184‘, and we think this is a great occasion to celebrate this unique album, the most important one in the WINDIR history. With this record, WINDIR became a full band for the first time and it was the first time that me and Terje wrote an album together. It was a time filled with youthful will, aggression, pride, curiosity and of course beautiful naivety.