NINKHARSAG :: Neuer Track vom kommenden Album

Am 30. April werden die UK Black Metaller NINKHARSAG ihr neues Album „The Dread March of Solemn Gods“ bei Vendetta Records veröffentlichen. Den neuen Track „Strigoi Diabolicum“ könnt ihr euch nun anhören. /

Info: Formed in 2009 with one desire; to create cold, majestic Black Metal in the classic, unspoilt style of old and drawing inspiration from masters such as Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Metallica to the Scandinavian scions of the 90’s like Emperor, Dissection & Mayhem, NINKHARSAG rapidly established themselves in the UK as a unique and powerful force on the Black Metal. Following their latest, critically acclaimed album, „The Blood Of Celestial Kings“ (Candlelight Records), the band’s upcoming output is uncompromising in its vision of what Black Metal should be in this era.

“The song ‘Strigoi Diabolicum‘ is a mighty anthem written to explore the animalistic nature of man; to overcome adversity with the ferocity of a unchained and hungry wolf at whatever cost. It is about casting off the shell of weak human flesh to become a being higher and with more purpose than the feeble sheep which inhabit the Earth. Although this transformation may lead to expulsion from the circles of men, it is better to live free than to die a slave to a vile, corrupt way of life.” the band comments.