MOONSPELL :: Very Special Halloween Liveshow

Virtuell und physisch könnt ihr Tickets für eine spezielle Liveshow der Portugiesen MOONSPELL erwerben. Am 31. Oktober spielen sie in Südportugal, in Beja im dortigen Theater Pax Julia vor 300 Gästen.

Show starting at 21.30 (PT/UK), 22.30 (Europe), 1.30 PM (PDT), 4.30 PM (NY/EDT), 5.30 PM (MX /CDT), 6.30 AM (NOV 1st/GMT+9), 7.30 AM (NOV 1ST/GMT+10), MOONSPELL will put an amazing show, a dedicated production and the chance for you to watch LIVE + COMMENT!

This Halloween will see them LIVE at one of their most special shows to date: „From Beja, Portugal, to the world out there, we are proud to present you HALLOWEEN 2.0, the event Moonspell fans have eagerly awaited for in this year of the plague!“

The show will be limited to 300 guests at the historic location of the theatre in Beja, but a streaming link will be available at the platform BOL afterwards and for everyone who buys a ticket, can’t watch it live or wants to watch it again. Grab your ticket, for the physical or digital live experience with MOONSPELL this Halloween via the following links:

Virtual ticket: 5,30 Eur (inc TAX)

Physical ticket (15 Eur inc TAX, limited to 300 tickets!):

Upgrade tickets + merch bundles are available at: wolfpack@moonspell.com or on www.moonspell.rastilho.com (you need to have a valid ticket)