MÅNEGARM :: 1. Single vom kommenden Album

Die Schwedischen Folk Metaller MÅNEGARM veröffentlichen am 15. April bei Napalm Records ihr neues, das 10. Album „Ynglingaättens Öde“. „Ulvhjärtat“ ist die erste Single daraus, die samt Video veröffentlicht wurde.

MÅNEGARM on „Ulvhjärtat“:
„‚Ulvhjärtat‘ is about Ingjald Illråde, who was the last king of the Ynglinga dynasty that ruled over Uppsala and Svetjud. As a young boy, Ingjald was weak and frail but during a great feast, the midvinterblot, Ingjald was advised by his foster-father, the blind man Svipdag, to eat a wolf´s heart to gain strength. Ingjald followed the old man’s advice but the outcome was not only that Ingjald became hardened and stronger. he also took on the mind and temper of the wolf.

Ingjald grew up to be an ambitious king determind to make his kingdom grow, but his mind grew darker and darker. His treacherous mind made him invite nearby kings just to burn them alive and expand his kingdom, his ferocious and ruthless rule contained betrayals and oath breaking and he finally came to be called ‚Ingjald the illruler‘.“