KRYPTAN :: Debütsingle der neuen Black Metal Band von Mattias Norrman

Mattias Norrman’s (OCTOBER TIDE, ex-KATATONIA) neue Black Metal Band KRYPTAN wird am 23. Juli ihr erstes, selbstbetiteltes Mini-Album veröffentlichen. Nun gibt es den ersten Song, ‚Blessed Be The Glue‘, zu hören.

Composer Mattias narrates about the development of this track:
„’Blessed Be The Glue’ was the second track I wrote for KRYPTAN in early 2020. I picked up the guitar and started riffing – and so the vers riff appeared. It sounded cool, so I recorded it, added the keys, and created the short intro. Then the rest of the song developed quite naturally with a good flow. The intention was to add some more riffs into it, but after I let the song rest for a while and picked it up again, I kind of liked the simplicity of the song. So, I sent it to Alex Högbom (vocals), and he wrote and arranged the lyrics.“