HLADOMRAK :: Weitere Single vom kommenden Album

Die schwedische Black Metal Horde HLADOMRAK wird ihr drittes Full-Length-Album „Archaic Sacrifice“ am 10. September 2021 über Non Serviam Records veröffentlichen. Nun hat die Band die nächste Single mit dem Titel „Tiethu’m“ veröffentlicht. /

“The name comes from the ritual language Reithariil, from Talon’s book ‘Fall Division’. Directly translated it would be ‘shunned from the temporal sense or comprehension’. In other words, ‘Tiethu’m’ would be that what cannot be seen or touched by the material realm, the incomprehensible. The lyrics tell the story about the work of entities, I’s, who affect the course of humanity in the background, unnoticed. They keep watch, alongside eternity, while influencing a dying race of self-indulging materialistics who call this planet theirs”, explains the band.