HEXIS :: Neues Album im Fullstream der Blackened Hardcore/Post Black Metaller

Indem sie Elemente aus Black Metal, Sludge, Hardcore und Post-Metal in ihren Sound integrieren, haben HEXIS ihren künstlerischen Ansatz auf dem neuen Album weiterentwickelt und verfeinert. Das neue Album „Aeternum“ ist offiziell über Debemur Morti Productions veröffentlicht und kann über Bandcamp oder den YouTube-Kanal des Labels angehört werden:

Frontman Filip notes:
„This is without a doubt the most important release for us so far. It feels like we finally made the record we always wanted to. So, to have „Aeternum“ out more than 5 years after our latest long player simply feels amazing. Beware: During the coming European tour, we will mainly just play new songs, only one or two old classics will be part of the setlist. Most of the new album will be played live, except for a few tracks which we already played on the two latest tours. We definitely want to make sure that all the new songs get their chance in a live setting to see what works best!“