GAEREA :: 3. Track vom kommenden Album der Black Metaller

Die kathartische Black Metal Band GAEREA veröffentlicht ihre dritte neue Single „Mirage“, die aus dem kommenden Album der Band stammt. Der Track, der in Form eines offiziellen Musikvideos daherkommt, kann auf YouTube angesehen werden. Das Album erscheint weltweit am 23. September 2022 über Season of Mist.

About the track; Life’s but a walking shadow. The act of taking advantage of the great disadvantages of consciousness of one’s experiments. Mirage is nothing but a prototype and painful dream where the necessary sufferings of being alive shall create the unnecessary fear of our demise.

GAEREA comment on the new offering: „The third single for the upcoming GAEREA album is finally upon us. The song is Called Mirage and it serves as the Bleeding Burning Torch which also names this record. It represents a battle between high and low, reality and perception and Solitude vs Freedom. This is Gaerea in its purest form, where the body language dictates the increasing catharsis of one of the Highest and important Monuments within this Album“