FOLKRIM :: Folk Metaller mit neuer Single

Die finnische Folk-Metal-Band FOLKRIM wird ihr zweites Studioalbum „On Foaming Waves“ am 21. Oktober 2022 über Inverse Records veröffentlichen. Die dritte und letzte Single „Midsummer Mead“ wurde nun mit einem Musikvideo veröffentlicht.

The band comments:
„Juhannus is the most important celebration for a Finn, where the immortal midsummer sun shines throughout the entire birch, beer and lake -filled night. The finnish summer is beautiful but short, so it’s best to enjoy as much as you can while it lasts. Midsummer Mead is built upon these themes as an ode for living in the moment, while representing the heavier musical side of the album. To go with the song, we gathered old clips from behind the scenes of the band and crammed them together for a drunken party of a music video. The summer might be already over and the cold winter is knocking on the door, but midsummer will live eternal in the heart of a Finn. So let our horns of gold overflow!“