FEN :: Neuer Videoclip kündigt neues Album an

Die UK Black Metaller FEN veröffentlichen den Videoclip „Scouring Ignorance“, den ersten Single-Track aus dem kommenden Album „Monuments to Absence“, das am 7. Juli 2023 via Prophecy Productions erscheinen soll.

FEN comment: „We originally wanted to pen a piece from a perspective of strength and self-actualization, addressing the idea of literally scouring ignorance from the world through determination and drive“, mastermind Frank „The Watcher“ Allain writes. „We swiftly became aware of the futility of such a notion and instead, ‚Scouring Ignorance‘ confronts ignorance itself as an almost tangible force – an infectious, quasi-elemental power that sweeps across our reality. Enlightenment, reason, empathy, and rationality are scoured from thought by the corrosive nature of ignorance itself, willingly embraced by the hapless herds that infest this world. This is a more realistic way to address the manifestations of ignorance swirling around us, reflected in the feverish gaze of foaming-mouthed demagogues and lapped up by the multitudes of the witless. Accompanied by one of our most intense compositions to date and placing the piece as the opener of the album we feel is a defiant and determined statement.“