EINHERJER :: Liveversion von „Dragons of the North“ aus kommendem Livealbum

Die norwegischen Viking Metal Veteranen EINHERJER enthüllen die dritte Single, „Dragons of the North“, aus ihrem kommenden Live-Album „Norse And Dangerous (Live… From The Land Of Legends)“. Das Album erscheint am 5. August bei Napalm Records.

EINHERJER on the live album Norse And Dangerous (Live… From The Land Of Legends):
„With no gigs in a year and new blood in our ranks, we recorded the two hometown release shows just to get an idea of what we sounded like live in 2021. It only took one listen to realize that our fans would appreciate this as much as we did. EINHERJER live is an energetic experience. We want to let everyone hear that, so here’s our first live album, recorded live on our home turf in front of many familiar faces. The document of a great evening!“