DEAD END FINLAND :: Neue Single // 5. Album erscheint im März

Die finnische Dark Melodic Metal Band DEAD END FINLAND hat eine neue Single und das Musikvideo zu „Heavy Rain“ veröffentlicht. Der Track stammt aus dem kommenden, fünften Studioalbum „Victory“, das am 31. März 2023 über Inverse Records erscheinen soll.


Guitarist & Bass player Santtu Rosén comment:
„The recordings of Dead End Finland’s fifth album have been completed. The new single „Heavy Rain“ from the upcoming album, which will be released in March 2023, will be released on December 15th. Like the previous albums, it will be released in collaboration with Inverse Records.

„The single is about that crushing feeling when gloom and doom take over the mind again. It’s about the powerlessness you feel first thing in the morning and the inadequacy that doesn’t leave you until the next night. The feeling when every day is hard in the wind and in the heavy rain.“