BLOOD OF INDIGO :: Fullstream des neuen Albums der Symphonic Goth Metaller

Die kanadische Symphonic-Gothic-Metal-Band BLOOD OF INDIGO stellt ihr komplettes Album „Dawn of the Shaded World“ als Stream zur Verfügung. Das Album wird diesen Freitag, den 26. August 2022, auf CD und allen digitalen Plattformen veröffentlicht.

The band comments:
„Without a doubt, this album is an authentic Dark Fantasy Metal experience. This album was created to push the boundaries of imagination and innovate the Symphonic Metal genre, as we know it. If you’re a gamer, Dungeons and Dragons player, or are a creative mind, look no further. We have a brand new gem for you to uncover. Our goal is that our album, Dawn of The Shaded World will provide you with something memorable and forever hold a special place in your heart.“