ORPLID :: Neue Single “Dunkle Stunde”

Die Neofolker ORPLID haben die neue Single “Dunkle Stunde” aus ihrem kommenden Album “Death Cult” enthüllt, dessen Veröffentlichung für den 25. September via Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions geplant ist. Mit dabei ist die ostdeutsche Sängerin Katrin Lindner.

ORPLID vocalist Uwe Nolte comments: ” The song ‘Dunkle Stunde’ is both an attempt and a temptation to try and give a valid image to melancholy”, relates the poet. “A major contribution to this artistic endeavour has been gifted by iconic GDR-vocalist Katrin Lindner: With her mastery and expressive emotionality she has clearly left her mark in this track that has also been influenced by jazz and trip-hop. Never before has sadness sounded so full of beauty!”