ALKERDEEL :: Tweety on a tie

ALKERDEEL, the belgish answer to northern darkness put out an outstanding records called „Morinde„. We got in touch with them and after quite a while we got our little profile done. And it was worth the wait! Check out this great band at

Please introduce the members of the band!
Nieke (drums) and Pui (Guitars) both compose the music. They’re producing music, or maybe better, noise together since childhood. Their most known effort was Headmeat, a death metal band with an album out on Baphomet Records (label from Killjoy, Necrophagia). QW (bass) used to play with Serpentcult/Thee Plague Of Gentlemen. Me, Pede (vocals), have a small DIY-label, called Luchtrat, with releases from Virus (nor), Menace Ruine (can), Wrath Of The Weak (us) amongst others.

Tell us about your bandhistory!
Alkerdeel was founded by Nieke, Pui and myself, with the intention of blending the filthiest sludge and black metal ever. At the time rehearsals were more or less improvised jams that were recorded through a dictaphone on tape. Blesken from Funeral Folk/Sylvester Anfang got his hands of one of those tapes, released it on a ridicilously low amount of 66. It got a proper release afterwards by At War With False Noise, we started to play gigs, got rather good feedback and long time friend QW, who always wanted to play in some kind of black metal band, was invited as bass player. Things got more serious, more gigs, two and a half releases (De Bollaf ep, De Speenzalvinge and Morinde) later, we ended up on some stage at the incredible Roadburn festival. Which was nice.

Characterise your music.
Pure Belgian Surrealism. Pure Filth. Pure Acid.

What are your biggest influences?
Darkthrone. Burning Witch. Velvet Underground. Third Eye Foundation. This may differ from day to day, but these are rather consistent.

Why should the people especially buy your music and visit your concerts?
Because then we feel flattered and because our releases all have nice packages – even in wood – and because Darkthrone doesn’t play live and because Burning Witch doesn’t exist anymore. We’re the best alternative (said bands handle their instruments better though).

What is planned regarding liveshows?
You mean which are in the pipeline? Not many, a gig with a noise band from Seatle called Dope Body and maybe a small tour next year in the UK with our friends of A Den Of Robbers.

If you mean how a show looks like: rather dark, tubelights and lots of smoke. Trance and agression.

What’s written in your five-year-plan?
We don’t have such a plan but we’re working on a new album which should see the light next year. One 20 minute song is almost finished, as with Morinde, it seems the track list will be easy to remember. If you manage not to strangle yourself with the dialect nature of the titles ofcourse.

What’s the biggest wish regarding your band?
Having a jakuzi in our rehearsal place and Scarlet Johansson as a fifth member.

Which 5 records would you recommend to the whole world?
Everyone should know the classics but these are some really nice underground gems:

Aksumite (us – lofi black punk) – The Gleam of Wetted Lips (

Mions Hill (nor > black thrash) – Festering Curses (

Cemetary Piss (us > black metal) –  Rest in Piss (

– Perverted Ceremony (b – oldschool black death) – album out at the end of this year but already some nice clips online (

– Oldest (us – dissonant punk, similar to The Locust, featuring Krallice members) > (

Complete the following sentence: „If I was Minister for Music…“
… I’d force each musician to wear a tie with Tweety motif on stage. That or straight to some Siberian work camp. Playing the flute naked all day long. Bands on (or sounding like bands on) Nuclear Blast get instant tickets.