THE SIXTH CHAMBER :: Neues Lyric-Video

Die in Los Angeles ansässige Gothic Doom Metal Band THE SIXTH CHAMBER arbeiten derzeit an ihrem dritten Album. Zum Track „Walpurgis Night“ haben sie kürzlich ein neues Lyric-Video veröffentlicht. Zur aktuellen Besetzung gehört der legendäre Keyboarder Alan St. Jon von Alice Cooper, Billy Squier, Iggy Pop, etc. /

Info: Band founder Rahne Pistor started the group in the early 2000s. Before this, he got his start as a teenager playing Misfits classics at CBGBs and elsewhere with Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele and Steve Zing of Danzig in Steele’s band The Undead.
THE SIXTH CHAMBER name is inspired by the writings of 18th century mystic William Blake and interpreted as a library in hell where all of the world’s secrets are kept in books on shelves.