GRIFT :: 2. neue Single

„En hemskog“ ist die zweite Single plus Musikvideo aus „Dolt land“, dem kommenden Album des multidisziplinären schwedischen Musikprojekts GRIFT, das am 22. September 2023 vie Nordvis erscheinen soll.

Listen to and watch “En hemskog” here:

Erik commented:
”En hemskog” means ’A home forest’. A home is a metaphor for many different things. It can be a person, an animal, a feeling, or – in this instance – a forest. In this lush forest, the green woodpecker is almost invisible. Only the red spot on its head gives it away. Thanks to the inherited paths, I come across a lesser butterfly-orchid and almost step on a woodcock’s egg. I so wish this place could be preserved as it is.