EMPYRIUM :: Titeltrack vom neuen Album veröffentlicht

EMPYRIUM haben den ersten neuen Song, den Titelrack ihres kommenden Albums „Über den Sternen“ veröffentlicht. Album Nummer 6 soll im Februar, im 25. Jahr des Bandbestehens bei Prophecy Productions erscheinen. Das Album ist in diversen Ausführungen von der CD über Vinyl bis zur „Complete Box“ hier erhältlich.

Die Band kommentiert:
„The title track is also one of the last songs that we wrote for ‚Über den Sternen‘ and its title has been with us for many moons before the music to this song was actually written“, reveals mastermind Markus Stock. „Music and lyrics are an ode to the nocturnal sky and the eternal mysteries it unfolds with every nightfall. Based around a quote from German poet Friedrich Schiller, ‚Über den Sternen‘, which translates as ‚Above the Stars‘ surely is a perfect title for an Empyrium album considering that our band name meant the farthest, fiery sphere of heaven in medieval cosmology. Musically it truly is a journey through many sonic landscapes that paint very detailed pictures before your mind’s eye – the awe-inspiring twinkle of the stars we marvel at with childlike amazement, but also the the vast and cold, black nothingness of the universe that makes us crouch in fear of the unknown. With this song, we are indulging in such juxtapositions. ‚Über den Sternen‘ is as Empyrium as it gets to me and it amalgamates elements from every phase of the band with fresh colours and hues to a new epic grandeur. Now delve into the nightly sphere!“