ANTE-INFERNO :: Neuer Track kündigt 2. Album an

Nach ihrem Debütalbum „Fane“ haben die britischen Black Metaller ANTE-INFERNO angekündigt, ihr zweites Album „Antediluvian Dreamscapes“ am 13. Mai über Vendetta Records zu veröffentlichen. Um die Wartezeit auf das kommende Album zu verkürzen, hat die Band eine erste Single, „Celestial Mirage“, veröffentlicht.

Ante-Inferno on „Celestial Mirage“:
„Celestial Mirage“ tells the story of a stricken man dying alone in a ditch in some distant land. A victim of war and endless slaughter, this pitiful soul stares at the sky and dreams of his homeland, praying for a swift passage into the afterlife as the mists gather and the darkness draws in, and the insects begin to flitter around his bloodied limbs, lured implacably by the aroma of death. As this fragile human life passes into the emptiness of the beyond, he witnesses the celestial mirage into which he had invested so much hope and prayer, break apart in the sky and disappear; lost to him now and forever.