ANTE-INFERNO :: Britische Black Metaller mit neuer Single vom kommenden Album

Nach ihrem Debütalbum „Fane“ veröffentlichen die britischen Black Metaller ANTE-INFERNO am 13. Mai ihr zweites Album „Antediluvian Dreamscapes“ über Vendetta Records. Nach der Veröffentlichung des Musikvideos zu „Celestial Mirage“, hat die Band heute die zweite Single „Beyond the Immemorial Veil“ veröffentlicht.

Ante-Inferno comments:
The only track on the album to have been entirely improvised in the moment, „Beyond the Immemorial Veil”, with its free-form composition and delirium-inducing sonic explorations, serves as a fitting realisation of its lyrical themes. Bodiless, half-lost in a nightmarish realm that flitters between the distant future and the dark past, we find ourselves vomited forth into an ancient and unrecognisable world. From that vantage point, we witness the birth of a modern age that can offer us nothing but enslavement and horror. Forever lost beyond the veil of time and immortality, all we can do is watch, and await the coming of the eschaton and the end of all life on earth.